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AastroLight designs and manufactures full-spectrum LED illumination for precise skin tones and subject rendition - without using filters.

Our unique approach to LED ring lighting, combining white LEDs with five additional colors, produces superior lighting with extensive control over color rendition
(see why five colors?)

And as a ringlight, it produces shadow-free lighting without the need for additional fill light sources.

A typical working distance for the Ringlight is from one to three meters and is perfect for on-camera talent as well as for product shots.

The Ringlight can be mounted using an industry standard lens rail to many professional and prosumer video cameras.

The Ringlight accepts DC power input from 8 to 12 Volts (9 to 11.1 Volts preferred) and from either external power sources (AC adapter included) or from the optional 11.1 Vdc Li-Po battery module.

The AastroLight "Ring"

• full spectrum illumination
• comprehensive user control of color spectrum
• exquisite skin tones
• superb color rendition
• five colors + white LEDs
• Factory-preset color temperatures
• User-Programmable color mixture presets
• shadow-free ring lighting